Valentine Cross Stitch Patterns

Make a hand-crafted cross stitch for someone special or even just a friend for Valentine’s Day. It is a personal sentiment from your heart. You can make a special card, a wall hanging, a pillow or even some special heart charms. It will be cross stitched in love!

I’ve put together five easy free printable designs and patterns to make for Valentine’s Day. You will find that each has a list of supplies and where to find the patterns at. Also there are few nice Valentine kits you can purchase if you prefer to get all you need for one project at once instead of investing in each supply needed. Both are great to do!

Your special someone or friend will be delighted to receive a cross stitch you made them from your heart.


My Valentine Cross Stitch Story


This SewSew In Love in love cross stitch precious moments In Love Precious Moments design is one of the first cross stitches I ever made before my boys were born 30 years back. I remember it was near Valentine’s Day when I was first introduced to cross stitching. I was so enthused I thought the “Sew In Love” design would be perfect to start with because of the little girl sewing hearts on the little boys butt jeans. Perfect for Valentine’s and pretty cute in my book. I made it into a pillow which I still have. It has been put away for quite some time. I dug it out to take a picture to share it with you. It is a bit stained and yellowed from so many years of being in my cedar chest but still looks pretty good. Hope you like it.




Cross Stitch Heart Charms

Cute cross stitch heart charms! Here is the free printable pattern, supply list and instructions to making these cute cross stitch valentine charms. Give one to a friend. They will love you made it just for them.


  • A small perforated plastic canvas
  • Embroidery 6-strand floss in pinks and reds
  • Round end tapestry needle
  • Cross stitch heart chart

Chart and Instructions: (PDF) Red Gate Stitchery



Hearts Stitched Together

Here is a simple two hearts cross stitch design printed on card paper. A perfect Valentine heart card for the one you love. Here is the supplies and instructions to make this card. You can print and make two cards because two alike designs print out on the same card. Just cut in half. Follow instructions on this given link below.

Supplies:Two Hearts Cross Stitch

  • Template pattern
  • Card Stock
  • Red Embroidery floss or color of your choice
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors

Instructions and Template: (PDF) Dandee Designs



Tardis Cross Stitch Card

A super fun Valentine cross stitch card to make for the Dr Who fan. Here is the supplies, free printable template and instructions to make this “Let’s Play Doctor” Valentine card. 

Supplies:Tardis Cross Stitch Card

  • Tardis Cross-Stitch Valentine Template
  • Embroidery floss in navy blue, light blue, red, black and silver
  • Embroidery needle
  • Card stock in red
  • Dry adhesive glue
  • Scotch tape
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper scissors

Template and Instructions: (PDF) The Zen of Making



Dearest HeartsHearts Cross Stitch

Please Be Mine cross stitch made with red and pink hearts. Here is a supply list, pattern, and instructions to make this Valentine heart design.


  • White Aida fabric
  • Embroidery floss red and pinks
  • Two clear beads or hearts
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors

Instructions and Template (PDF) Wibbo’s



Love….Love Cross Stitch

A simple Valentine cross stitch that simple says LOVE. Here is the supplies and a free printable template to make the timeless word LOVE. Leave it in the hoop for a wall hanging.

Other ideas you could make with this word LOVE would be to make it into a pillow or even cut it into a square and use dry adhesive glue to make a Valentine card with it.


  • White Aida cross stitch fabric
  • Red cross stitch floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery hoop

Instructions and Template: (PDF) Jennifer’s Blog



Heart Cross Stitch Patterns

As fun as it is to get free patterns its nice to find patterns and kits to buy. I know I do. Here are some that I’ve picked out that are cute. Cross stitching something special for someone comes from the heart.

Janlynn Stamped Cross Stitch Kit, Love Is PatientMini Heart Cross Stitch Kit For KidsVictorian Valentine Heart PatternValentine Mice Cross Stitch Designs on CD


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