Spring Shellac Nail Colors

It’s that time of the year to think about spring nail polish colors. What would your choose bright or pastel? I think both look spectacular. I think pastels are great for Easter. Bright colors are perfect for spring because of the colors that are popping out blooming all over the place. Both are perfect for a spring style selections and compliment each other well.


Lately I’ve been going with shellac nail polish. It lasts a lot longer than just your regular fast drying polish you buy over the counter. I’ve been going to the local salon called Expressions Salon in town to get my nails done.  Splurging a little on myself. I have good nails and don’t need acrylic ones except for one I do. It’s the one I break all the time. Rather frustrating but when you see my nails you’d never guess which one it is.


Shellac is blend of gel and nail polish. It goes on like a polish. It doesn’t extend your nail but gives it strength and durability. Acrylic is a fake nail which extends or is made to shape with your other nails. The process when you get the shellac polish done is interesting. You’ll put each hand of nails under a LED Gel Dryer 4 times while the polish hardens. You always get a clear base coat which is about 30 seconds, two coats of color which is about 2 minutes and then a top clear coat which is another 30 seconds to top it off. You can mix and match colors, accent one nail and get fun designs. There are so many way to get them done. These nails will lasts like 2-3 weeks.


This video will show you step by step how the polish is put on and how easy it is to take it off. The process goes really fairly fast. What’s even cooler is that you won’t have wet nails when you walk out of the salon. They are ready to go!





My Pink and Purple Spring Shellac Nails

I know I truly enjoy getting the shellac done. It’s fast and easy. Just take a look at my bright colors I have on my nails. They turned turned out very nice and fun. I even have a nail stamp of a butterfly and a flower on my purple nails which is the accent nail. They are truly ready for Spring!

 Spring Nails

Shellac Spring Pastel – Sweet Dreams

These colors are really pretty and I love the names of them. Pretty neat how they come up with the unique names. These colors were popular in 2013 but I think they are wearable any year.


  • Grapefruit sparkle
  • Cake Pop
  • Lilac Longing
  • Azure Wish
  • Limeade


Shellac Rose Bud


This Shellac Rose Bud color is what I tried for a Spring vacation to California I went on in 2012. I wanted a pretty pink nail color that would last while on my trip and not peel right away. Mine was mixed with a light Shellac glaze called “Negligee” on top to give it a softer pink color as well. I loved it and it lasted for two weeks.   
Cheryl Pink Nails     


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