Spooky Eyeball Hot Cocoa

Enjoy a fun spooky marshmallow eyeball staring up at you as you drink your hot cocoa. It might be an eerie vision, monster googly, scary, and ogress but better to stare at you with! How fun or scary is that for your hot cocoa drink on Halloween. My recipe below is basic and easy to make.  It was fun and yummy.

Grab your favorite Halloween mug and make yourself some spooky eyeball hot chocolate.


Jumbo Spooky Eyeball Hot Cocoa
Serves 1
Better to stare at you with!
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  1. Hot Chocolate Mix or Hot Cocoa Packets
  2. Marshmallows - Jumbo or Medium
  3. Chocolate Chips
  1. Get out your favorite Halloween mug.
  2. Pour water in the mug and put in the microwave to warm up the water for two minutes
  3. Then open a hot cocoa packet and mix into the water.
  4. Then take a jumbo marshmallow and cut in half.
  5. Put one chocolate chip in the middle of each marshmallow to make them look like eyes.
  6. Gently put the marshmallow eyes in the hot cocoa side by side
  7. Sit back and enjoy those eyes looking up at you as you drink your hot cocoa.
Great Tip
  1. For a different variation instead of using chocolate chips you could use jelly beans or or licorice Dot candy. All you would do is use a lollipop stick through the bottom of each marshmallow into each candy. The stick helps to keep the marshmallow from flipping over.
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