Samsung Galaxy S3

Gadgets, gadgets and gadgets. What’s your favorite gadget? Mine is my phone believe it or not. Awhile back I wrote a story about a phone I really loved for the formerly Squidoo site. It was a big hit and even won me some money. Since then I’ve upgraded to the S7. You could say I’ve stayed in the same lines of phones after you read my story.


My Story

My favorite gadget is my smartphone. It the most amazing phone ever. It’s the best little Android who remembers everything for me. I call it Sam; my favorite pet name actually. It keeps track of how to reach my friends and family, appointments, emails, my favorite links and even plays games with me. It can sing like no other and groove to the beat. Why it’s the Samsung Galaxy S3. It goes everywhere with me; never leaves my side just like a man’s best friend. I’d be so lost without it. Before this I had a Thunderbolt but it needed to be laid to rest so the Galaxy took over.


Sam has so many features to help keep organization in your life. It’s amazing how we use to live without these little devices until they came along. Now there connected to our hips. As we get so busy with our lives we at least have this fun gadget that can alert you of appointments and messages whether at home or on the run. It has the neatest feature of tracking your eye movements and it knows your voice when you talk to it. It can even share information in a click of back to back. WOW, right!

I like to keep Sam protected with a clear screen cover and a pretty in pink case. You got to treat it right since it does so much for you. Seriously if you’re looking for a great smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S3 might be just up your alley. It has great potential and has been very reliable for me. It could be your next sleek best friend you’ll ever have!



So there you have my story! It really served me well. I now have the Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s a pretty great phone too. Each upgrade on these phones have been enhanced really great. I recently heard that there is another upgrade on the way after mine. I bet it’s going to be spectacular.


Sam the Android 

See what your next best friend can do for you! It’s has amazing features that will blow you away!


Samsung Galaxy S3, White 16GB (Verizon Wireless)Samsung Galaxy S3, White 16GB (Verizon Wireless)Samsung Galaxy S IIIInvisible Clear LCD Screen Protector CoverSamsung Galaxy S IIIInvisible Clear LCD Screen Protector CoverSamsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Case (Pink)Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Case (Pink)







    1. Samsung’s have been pretty reliable so the older ones are still good. The S7 is coming out now. They just keep rolling them out!

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