Purple Rain by Prince

The beginning of the Purple Rain song says: I never meant to cause you any sorrow and pain. I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain. Just what we wish for in everyone’s lives is to be happy but with great sadness Prince is now gone. Now we just have the purple haze hanging over us in remembrance of him and his music.


Purple Rain PrincePurple Rain the song and album is one of my favorites by Prince. The soundtrack goes with the hit movie back in the 1980’s.


I think the music from this album is compelling and yet sad as it is used to portray the heartache of a young musician with a turbulent home life and his relationship with his father. He sees how his father treats his mother badly and ends up being that way with his own relationship with his girlfriend. He has much anguish and pain and is unsure how to properly channel that. He uses his music to express those unstable feelings. In the end he uses music written by his father and puts it to his own style. He use’s it to rise above those angry feelings to make a great compelling song.


The movie plus the music relates to others who have turbulent troubles in there own lives.


Here are the songs on the music album.


  1. Let’s Go Crazy
  2. Take Me With U
  3. The Beautiful Ones
  4. Computer Blue
  5. Darling Nikki
  6. When Doves Cry
  7. I Would Die 4 U
  8. Baby I’m a Star
  9. Purple Rain


A Must See Movie!

You will get to hear and see him play some of his most popular music while he plays the role of a young man who has a hard life at home. The movie is good but sad. The music is awesome!



Prince has recorded many songs over the years but the older ones are still the most powerful to me. The are back from my younger days which I am partial to. The words in his songs hit home and will live on in our hearts forever. I was devastated to hear he had passed. I was driving down the road in fact when I heard about it. I could hardly believe it! The best I can say is may be Rest In Peace! Prince will live on in many hearts!





    1. I know Lorelei. I loved a lot of his songs. I’ve learned so much more about him with his passing. Feel even sadder.

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