Party Like It’s 1999

Road Tripping with Prince

Prince 1999-1


Who doesn’t like some jamming music by Prince while driving down the road? I know I do. While on a road trip I popped in Prince’s 1999 CD into my player to listen to. We’d just picked it up at the Family Dollar store in my area that was going out of business. I have some albums of Prince but didn’t have this particular one. So it was exciting to finally own this album. Such great songs on it.  Besides liking the song 1999, the Little Red Corvette song is another favorite that is on this album. 


As my boyfriend and I listened to the songs and talked about Prince’s different songs and albums along with his unique style; my boyfriend brought up an interesting out of the blue question. He wondered when Prince recorded the futuristic song 1999 if the year turned out to be what he expected it to be when it came. Was he happy or disappointed with the year? That’s a good question I said since he recorded that song back in 1982. Times have sure changed from the 80’s, 90’s and now into the 2000’s.


The song 1999 is basically just a party song with a bit of a judgement day ending in it as the year closes to 2000. Kind of like the world coming to an end so why not party it up. It’s as if he was giving a heads up for when that time came but until then Party like its 1999!  A great song in itself! Everyone likes a great party song to dance to!


Prince has a unique sound that has made him who he is. The 1980’s defined him and his music right off the charts! He had his own style and a way with his music. His big hit songs from the 80’s era still lives on as well the rest of his music. Here are some of my favorite Prince songs from the 1980’s.


  1. 1999
  2. Little Red Corvette
  3. I Would Die 4 You
  4. Let’s Go Crazy
  5. Purple Rain
  6. When Doves Cry
  7. Raspberry Beret


Purple Rain


Check out my review HERE to see what you think about the song and movie. Purple Rain is one of my favorites. I have watched the movie and listened to the CD several times. The movie is very profound and the music is quite fitting.



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