Love Your Pet Day


Today on February 20th is a special day! As I was cruising down my Facebook page I see it’s “Love your pet day”.  What a surprise! How cool is that! I have a pet, its a cat and I love her to the moon and back. What kind of pets do you have? I bet you love is great for your pets too.


About My Cat Jazzy


I rescued my pet cat Jazzy about a 1 1/2 years ago from the animal shelter in our town. The inspiration came when we took in a lost kitty. Unfortunately, it was claimed by its owner. It was such a sweet kitty that I just had to have one. It’s funny how I grew up with no pets in the house but as my boys have grown up and not in the home, at least the time, I changed my mind and needed a little furry friend to keep me company. Keeping me company is an under statement. She is very attuned to me; follows me everywhere and I mean that literally. Most days I call her my watch kitty, kind of like a man’s best friend is a dog well my cat is a woman’s best friend.


She loves to play. Give her a string and she is the happiest cat ever. It’s funny how her first toys are still the ones she prefers! You’ll laugh at what her first toy is. It is a stuffed banana. Seriously it is. Give her another stuffed animal and she won’t take to it. What was your pet’s first toy?


Jazzy has been a great joy to have. So in light of “Love Your Pet Day”I’m going to share a collage of photos of my Jazzy. Also here is an article called Rescue and Adopt a Pet that I wrote for Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine. I want to share it with you.




What might you do with your pet today to celebrate? I’m going to give my Jazzy a hug, play with her and give her extra attention today. Whatever you do I’m sure your pet will love you back!


Things To Do With Your Pet

  • Take it for a walk
  • Play with it
  • Give it a special treat
  • Hug it
  • Groom it
  • Get it a new toy or bed


Cat Supplies

Since I have a cat of course I had to pick out some supplies for cat lover’s. I do have to say I have a similar ball toy like this and Jazzy loves it. The cat food I have shared is one that I feed her. It is a food for inside cats and it’s been good for her. She is healthy and her fur is shiny and soft. It took her awhile to adjust to a cat bed but once she did she loves it.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher and Ball Cat ToyBergan Turbo Scratcher and Ball Cat ToyGOODLIFE Dry Food for Cats Indoor RecipeGOODLIFE Dry Food for Cats Indoor RecipeSelf Warming Cat Bed Warm Spice with CremeSelf Warming Cat Bed Warm Spice with Creme


Dog Supplies

Even though I don’t have a dog I picked out a few supplies for those you do. That monkey is so cute, isn’t it!

Monkey Dog ToyMonkey Dog ToyDog Bed CuddlerDog Bed CuddlerPurina Dog ChowPurina Dog Chow





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