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Kindle and Coffee


Grab your Kindle and pour yourself a cup of coffee in your favorite mug. On my agenda for today is taking a look at the Kindle Daily Deals on Amazon. Finding deals are a blast!


Kindle Daily Deals

A good time to download a favorite to your Kindle to read and enjoy. So hurry; the deals will not last long and the prices change daily on the list. You’ll want to check each. Take a look and see what you can find. I hope you can find an interesting title or two to download. I know I have found many of them.


This list is what what you’ll find on the Kindle Daily.


  • Today’s Deals – 80% off top rated titles
  • Monthly Deals -$3.99 or less 
  • 50 Kindle Deals – $2
  • Kindle Countdown Deals,
  • Kindle Romance
  • Literacy Fiction Deals
  • Mystery, Thriller
  • History Deals – $3.99 or less

Those are fun to watch for too. Just search for freebies and see what that list. You can find some really good titles to read depending on what you’re your looking for.


For those you are avid readers and don’t want to own lots of books or have keep a ton of them on your Kindle then this is perfect for you. When your done just return the book and get another one. There is a monthly price involved of $9.99 but you can try Kindle Unlimited for 30 days free before you are charged. This is really well worth it. I have it and I love it! By clicking on each name you will go their websites to learn more about each author and see their books.


Kindle Authors

These are some of my favorite authors I like to read books from. I’m a person who chooses light hearted love stories, ones that make your feel good. There are many other great authors with such a good variety. There is something for everyone!



Kindle Fire – Very Popular Choice!

I have the very first Kindle Fire when it came out. I used it daily! It’s been super reliable and I loved it. I now have upgraded to the new Fire. The price is amazing on this one. You can’t go wrong on it.


Here is a new Fire, case and memory card. Everything you need. The memory card is nice to extra storage.


Have you downloaded a book from the daily list before or even just found a great deal not on the list? Please share your title. I’m interested in what kinds of books others read.


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