Jelly Bean Jar Lid Cross Stitch


Jar Lid Craft

Make a jelly bean cross stitched jar lid for an Easter craft. Jelly beans are a favorite candy for Easter with there fruity flavors and variety of colors. This cute cross stitched jelly bean design fits into a regular sized jar lid. Then fill the jar with jelly beans and give it as an Easter gift.

Jelly Bean Cross Stitch



Jar lid designs are stitched in lots of different styles for all occasions. They are perfect simple crafts for friends, family, shut-in’s and just everyone. Make a design for a holiday, birthday, baby shower or something of just because. Fill the jar up with candies, popcorn, birdseed, nails or anything you can think of that goes with the design you cross stitched.


When I chose to stitch this Jelly Bean design it was to be my Easter craft gift for Mom. I thought the colorfulness in the pattern would bring a little cheer to her. I never know what to give my Mom since she was in a Care Center and doesn’t need much. It was perfect because it’s made from me and comes straight from my heart! Now that Mom has passed my Jelly Bean Jar comes back to me to always be teasured as a gift I made my Mom.


Jelly Bean Cross Stitch

This tutorial is about cross stitching this colorful jelly bean design. When finished it will fit into a regular sized jar lid hole. Also in this tutorial I’ll show you how to finish making the design with a ruffle and ribbon on it. When done just pour jelly beans of your choice into the jar and pop the lid on. Give it as a gift to someone special. Mine went to my Mom.


Lets get started at learning how to make this Jelly Bean design.


Jelly Beans
Jelly Bean Pattern by Leisure Arts.


  • Aida Cloth Size 22
  • Floss
  • Mason Jar
  • Jar Lid
  • Thin Cardboard
  • Tacky Glue
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon



  • Hoop
  • Tapestry needle
  • Embroider Scissors





Symbol chart with floss colors.


Jelly Cross Stitch Chart


 Gather your supplies – Hoop, Aida cloth, needle, and floss.


Jelly Bean SuppliesCross Stitch Hoop


Stitch the words and jelly beans in all different colors. Use colors: DMC colors – 700, 608, 553.


Three Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans & Jelly Word
More Jelly Beans & Words

 Jelly beans and both words done. Add the back stitch and your design pops out! Your all done.


Jelly Beans No Back Stitching
Jelly Beans Back Stitched



Time to assemble the cross stitch into a regular mouth jar ring.

Ring on Jelly Beans
Turn the lid upside down on a thin cardboard and trace two circles.

Cut the circles out. You will have to trim them a bit more around the edges to fit inside the jar ring.
Cut Outs For Jar Lid
Take the cross stitch and wrap around one of the circle card boards.
Slide a small piece of batting underneath to make it puffy. Then put into ring.
Cut the edging down, then glue the overhang of fabric on the cardboard.
Jelly Bean Cross Stitch Done
Cross Stitch in Jar Lid
Tacky Glue works wonders on these kinds of projects!
 Cut chosen fabric into a circle larger than the ring. I used a large coffee lid.
Take the next piece of cardboard and glue to middle of fabric.
Take puffy design out of ring and glue to the fabric cardboard.
Be sure to glue it to the fabric side leaving the cardboard side showing when popping lid on jar.
Jelly Bean Cross Stitch Glued on Material
Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the jar lid; leave enough to tie a bow.
Glue the ribbon around the jar ring and tie in a bow.
Pink RibbonPink Ribbon
Jelly Bean Cross Stitch Done

Pour jelly beans into the jar and pop on the lid.
Your finished! Isn’t is cute!
Jelly Bean Cross Stitch Jar


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