How To Plant Daisies

Variegated Daisies

Daisies are such a inviting happy flowers to start Spring off with. Plant them to bring cheerfulness to your home.


Gerber daisies can planted in the ground or in pots. I prefer to plant them in pots to decorate my deck with. I like to make my deck look pretty with pots of flowers. Daisies can be started from seed indoors after the last frost or you can just buy them already started. I’ve never planted them from seeds before and just usually make a trip to the garden center for my flowers that I want to plant in my pots. I have always had good luck with daises and since pink is my favorite color that’s the color I usually buy although I do like to buy a pot variegated colors as well.


In this article I’ll share how to start Gerber daises from seeds and transferring them to pots or the ground when ready. I will also share how to go the garden center and pick them out for planting. There are gardening tip instructional videos about daisies to listen and watch. I’ll even share photo’s of my pink daises and variegated ones too.


What You Need:


These supplies are what you would need to get started with planting your daises from seeds. All you need is nice warm, sunny windowsill in your home to set them on.


  • Sunny Ground Spot
  • Plant Pots
  • Plant Shovel
  • Daisy Plant
  • Seeds
  • Dirt


Starting From Seeds


Daisies are really pretty easy to plant from seeds from the sounds of it even though I never have. You will want to start them inside and right after the last frost. They like warm weather around in the 70’s.


Plant the seeds about 1/2 inch below the potting soil. You don’t want to plant them too far down in the soil. Once planted; place seed starters by a sunny windowsill.


To keep the soil warm and moist you may want to put plastic wrap over them for awhile. Always make sure the soil is moist when germinating. As you germinate them, they will break through the soil within a few weeks or so. Uncover them. Then when you see two to four sets of leaves breaking though the soil; that is when they are safe to transplant into larger pots until ready to plant outside.


It is best to wait til late Spring to plant them outside since they do not like cold weather. It must be nice, warm and very sunny! Daisies love sun so choose a nice sunny spot to plant them or a sunny spot on the deck. Keep the soil moist so they don’t wilt but don’t over water. Pluck off the dead ends so that it promotes the growth of new daisies and it keeps it looking nice.


Tips On Growing Gerber Daisies


I choose three videos with great tips on planting daises. I think that if you’ve never planted them before that researching them and hearing tips from different people or video’s is good idea.





Garden Center Flower Shopping


If you just want to buy the daisies already started; go to a garden center that is near your home. Pick out your favorite color of daisies then choose ones that have blossoms and with buds ready to bloom.


Choose a spot to plant your daisies that has all day sunlight. You can either plant them in the ground or in pots. Daisies thrive in lots of sun.


Dig a deep hole for the daisy plants; make sure roots fit all the way into the hole. Then remove the daisies from the container and transplant into the ground or pot. If planting more than one in the ground; place the daisies at least 12 inches apart. When potting in pots; make sure your pot is big enough for the roots to sprawl out in


Water daisies regularly usually in the morning as that will help them moist throughout the day. Do not over water; keeping the soil moist will prevent them from wilting. Pluck of the deadhead flowers off so new daisies and grow. You want to keep your flowers looking beautiful.


Meaning of Daisies


Daisy are a classic beauty with there colors of bright pink, snow white, sunny yellow, and ruby red. They are a happy cheerful flower. Daises stand innocence, purity, cheerfulness, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity


The pink daisy in particular stands for childhood innocence, grace and purity. It also represents hope, gentility, joy and happiness. It is a delicate flower with a deep and delicate meaning which I love.


Pink Sunflowers


Daisy Planting Supplies


Having the right tools and supplies makes it easier for planting. This hand garden set it perfect. The handles are comfortable. The miracle grow soil is  great for planting in pots. That is what I use and I have great success with it. The pots I chose would look fantastic with your daisies planted in them. The colors are vibrant especially the blue one. Don’t forget the Gerbera seeds. Be sure to plant your favorite color along with other colors too.





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