How To Grow Hosta Plants


Grow Hosta plants around your house or deck; even near your garden. They like mostly shade but some sunlight. There are many different varieties to choose from. You’ll want to take some time deciding where to plant them, what types are good for the area you live and which kind fits your needs.


Childhood Memories


Hosta plants brings back memories of when I was younger because my Mom grew these along our porch in front of our house. She loved them. They were easy to take care of during the summer. In the fall she’d cut them down little and they’d grow back the next year. They looked beautiful! Variegated Hosta’a are my absolute favorite. They have so much character than the plain leaves.


House Renting Memories


The Hosta’s pictures I am featuring in this article are ones that were planted along side a house we once rented. There were two kinds; Hosta Albomarginata and the Northern Exposure or the Satisfactions. They were planted here before we moved in. So all I’ve had to do was take care of them. I felt very lucky! I did do a little research to figure out what kinds the Hostas were. I knew right away I had the Hosta Albomarginata but the other one I was unsure. The Satisfaction and Northern Exposure Hostas were similar in looks so it was hard to tell which one was which. I finally decided it was Northern Exposure Hosta. They grown unbelievable big when we lived there. I remember we had a lot of rain that year so they never got thirsty and dry. They are absolutely beautiful. I had only one that didn’t come up. I think that’s because I hung a bird feed right above it and a bunny was always eating the seed that fell on the ground plus ended up eating the Hosta. Maybe it ate the bulbs and all; I’m not sure but it didn’t come back the second year we lived there.



Albomarginata Hosta  Albomarginata Hosta



Albomarginata Hosta are one of the most common around. You’ll want to plant many of these plants close together. They give a great ground cover effect plus look great as borders. These grow a medium sized with about 18 inches height and about a 40 inches spread. A good size. The leaves are a emerald green and with white variegated edges. They grow purple lily like flowers in late July.




Northern Exposure Hosta


Northern Exposure Hosta




These Hosta’s are a part shade and sun plant. They are beautiful with there variegated colors or green and yellow. The leaves are a oval heart shape with green in the middle and yellow edges. The leaves design is a quilted texture and produce white tubular flowers about midsummer. They usually grow about 36 inches high and 66 inches wide. A nice size! It is a low maintenance plant and is not too sensitive which is nice.







How To Plant A Hosta


Where To Purchase Hostas plants

  • Local Garden House
  • Garage Sales
  • Amazon


Supplies Needed:

  • Shady Ground
  • Garden Shovel
  • Hosta Plant
  • Watering Can or Hose


Instructions – Planting Hostas

  • Choose a shady spot with some sunshine light. Around the house or deck if you have one is a good choice. They are great for bordering. They go well with Ferns.
  • Now prepare the bed where it will be planted at.
  • Dig a hole about 6 inches deep
  • Make it wide but with a shallow hole so the roots can spread
  • Make sure there is enough water drainage
  • Then remove the plant from the container with the roots in tack not tangled.
  • Place the Hosta into the hole and cover the roots with a nice soil.
  • You can put a mulch of some sort like sawdust or pea size gravel around them.
  • Plastic is another option but you need to be careful using a plastic covering because the hosta could get caught underneath on the next year’s growth.
  •  If planting more then one Hostas; space them about 30 inches apart.
  • Keep the soil moist for growth but don’t over soak


Hosta Gardening Tips – By Yolanda VanVeen



Different Kinds of Shade Hostas


There are many varieties of Hostas. I’ve chosen ten names to share that I thought were fun and unique. Just read below and see for yourself. Most of the varieties like filtered sun but I’ve specified beside each one the type of sun light or shade desires. I told my boyfriend about the Captain Kirk Hosta and he say’s Beam me up Scotty! Isn’t that fun!


  • Autumn Frost – Filtered sunlight
  • Blue Angel – Shade to morning sun
  • Captain Kirk – More sun tolerant than other Hostas
  • Dance With Me – Filtered sunlight
  • Fireworks – Filtered Sunlight
  • Guardian Angel – Morning sun increases color
  • Loyalist – Shade loving compact plant
  • Micky Mouse – Morning sunlight but then shade
  • Pineapple Punch – Shady
  • Praying Hands – Filtered sunlight



Odd Ball Hosta In The Middle




Beam Me Up Scotty! – Captain Kirk and the Loyalist

What a fun name for a hosta; Captain Kirk. Totally reminds me of Star Trek! Along with that thought; the Loyalist Hosta is another fun name. That would be for Scotty, being loyal!


Captain Kirk HostaCaptain Kirk HostaLoyalist HostaLoyalist Hosta


Hosta Friends  – Big and Small





  1. I was just walking around the house, looking at where the shade actually falls this time of day. I think perhaps a bed of hostas would work below our row of kitchen windows. That area gets plenty of morning sun then starts getting shady in early afternoon. I think next year will be my year for working with plants that like shade. Up until now it’s been all about sun! Appreciate the information and tips, Cheryl!

  2. I’ve never grown these. I tried once, but it never came up. I don’t have much shade where I am now, so I guess this isn’t the right fit for me. Is this a plant that doesn’t bloom? It appears people grow it for its leaves alone.

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