How To Germinate Seeds In A Pot

A great to way to germinate seeds is in a big flower pot if you don’t have separate container’s to plant them in.


I’ve germinated seeds in a big flower pots many times. When I do I use big plastic ones which work perfect for doing this. A few kinds of flower’s I’ve germinated in big pots is a marigolds, sunflowers and emperor bean flowers. Out of the three marigolds grew shoots the fastest. In just a week’s time they were popping up. The sunflowers and emperor bean flowers grow a little slower in there shoots but then pop they come up really nice. When the shoots are ready you can plant them other pots or in the ground.


Here are some options for germinated seeds in:

  • Flower pots
  • Any little plastic containers
  • Original seed starter pots
  • Styrofoam cups


I’ve done Styrofoam cups before. They work like a charm. Just line them up in a cut off box with small side. If your a big planter than starting seeds in the Spring is best. I’m usually a bit a late at planting my flowers and such but I always come out okay.


I’ve put together  a tutorial about planting seeds in a pot to germinate with pictures. I think that seeing how it’s done helps and gives your other ideas as well.


Materials & Tools You Need:

  • Dirt
  • Seeds – Flower or Vegetable
  • Saran Wrap
  • Maybe Scotch Tape
  • Flower Pot
  • Gardening Shovel




1. You’ll need a flower pot, dirt and a gardening shovel to start with.


Flower Pot with Shovel


2. Then you’ll need seeds to plant. Mine are Marigolds, Scarlet Emperor Bean and Sunflowers are what I’ve started in two pots. You can start any kind of seeds you want from flowers to vegetables.




3. Then you’ll use a gardening shovel to move some of the top dirt over to the side. Take pointer finger and make holes to drop seeds into them if bigger seeds. Unless you have little wispy seeds just sprinkle them on top.


Flower Pot With Holes In Dirt For Planting


4. Then gently cover up that side with the dirt you moved over to the side.

Cover Holes
5. Repeat as you did with the other side. I’d suggest moving the same amount of dirt on each side. Then just sprinkle seeds or make holes for seeds.
More Holes In Dirt For Planting
6. Again gently cover up side. You’ve now planted seeds in your pot to germinate for replanting into the ground or other pots.
Covered Holes
7. Next you’ll need Saran Wrap to cover the pots up after gently watering them. It will help to keep the moisture in them till the shoots come up. (*The key is to gently water them, never pour lot of them)
Saran Wrap
8. See how the moisture collects in the plastic. I had to use two sheets of saran wrap for this pot to keep it covered. Plus the wrap was cheap so used scotch tape to hold it in place. The wrap that has elastic around it would work super great too!
Saran Wrap on Flower Pot For Germinating
9. Then I set my pots on my deck under a little ledge. It’s a seating bench built into my deck. That way it keeps them protected while growing and from pouring rain.
Flower Pots Under Deck Seat

10. Then I pull them out each day or few days to set them in the open for the sun to shine on them. After about a week or so after the shoots come up then remove the saran wrap.


Now its time to sit on your deck with a cool drink and watch the growing process.


Uncovered Flower Pots with Shoots Popped Up


11. WOW! Look how tall the Scarlet Emperor Bean has grown. It took about 2 weeks for them to pop up but when they did they took off great. Now they are ready to re-pot into other pot or in the ground. Sunshine and warm really helps with the germinating seeds so they pop up quicker!


Shoots of Emperor Bean Flowers


Now  you’ve learned how to germinate seeds in a pot. It’s nice to share my ideas about germinating seeds with you but even funner hearing how you go about the process. So please share with me too. I might learn something new from you.



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