How To Decorate Jelly Bean Cupcakes

Spring Cupcakes

Spring Flower Cupcakes


Spring is here! Lets celebrate by making cupcakes with jelly beans on top to look like flowers. Now doesn’t that sound like a fun idea? I think so. There are so many kinds, flavors and colors of jelly beans that you can use to make any kind of flower. They would go with just about any flavor of cupcake too. You could even make colored frostings for underneath the jelly beans. A fun baking project for sure!


In this article you will find a recipe that is a combination of two recipes. I’ve included links within the description of the recipe for more instructions. One is basic cupcake recipe and the other  is with jelly beans baked in the batter. Each with cute jelly bean designs decorated on top with different flavors. I picked out a how to video that demonstrates on making Spring flower designs on cupcakes for you to view. I think it’s helpful to have demonstrations when baking new things.


Ideas on  How to Decorate Cupcakes:


There are many flower designs you can do. Just Google search images to get suggestions. That’s what I did.

Click here to see more: Google Link


Decorated Cupcakes with Jelly Beans


Your family and friends will enjoy these cupcakes. You could even make a party of it to have them decorate there own. These cupcakes would be perfect to share with those who are shut-ins or in a nursing home. It would brighten there day. Just enjoying flower cupcakes at home sounds like a plan too for celebrating Spring.


So lets get started at making those Spring flower cupcakes decorated with fun jelly beans.



Jelly Bean Cupcakes
Serves 12
These cupcakes are cute. I've adapted the ingredients, instructions and tips by two recipes I found that were fun. Check the links I've listed for further instructions. LINKS: &
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Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
40 min
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
40 min
  1. Box cake mix or make your own batter
  2. Water
  3. Oil
  4. Eggs
  5. Flour
  6. Can Vanilla frosting or make your own
  7. Assorted food coloring
  8. Assorted jelly beans
  9. Other candies such as licorice pastels
  2. Follow recipe on box. Blend cake mix, water, oil and eggs in a large bowl. Make regular size or mini cupcakes. Bake at 350 for 18-22 minutes. You can also make your own batter,
  4. Divide the frosting for however many colors you would like. Tint with the food coloring. Cover the frosting with plastic wrap until ready to use. Frost a cupcake with a pretty frosting color. Arrange the jelly jelly beans, side by side, along the outside edge of the cupcake. Continue with another color of jelly belly beans. Insert a few licorice pastels in the center.
  5. Have fun mixing and matching the jelly beans plus other candies to make a pretty flower on top of the cupcakes
  1. Cut the jelly beans in half then toss in 1 tsp flour in a small bowl. This will help keep them from sinking to the bottom of the cake.
  2. Then fill one cupcake liner, scoop in some of the batter, top with 1 or 2 jelly beans, then cover with another scoop of batter. Repeat with the remaining liners. If you have any jelly beans left gently press them into the tops of each cupcake.
  3. You may want to add a little more time to baking the cupcakes but keep an eye on them. Insert a tooth pick in the middle to see if they are done is the best way to check.
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  1. You have shared so many cute jelly bean cupcake ideas. What an inspiration! Jelly beans really do make decorating easier, but I have never added them to the actual cupcake batter. I will have to try that soon for sure.

    1. Yes Cynthia there are alot of way of using jelly beans for baking. Let me know how adding jelly beans to the batter goes.

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