Halloween Nail Art Swirls

Orange and Black Swirls


A fun thing to do for the Halloween season is paint your nails. There are many designs you can do. You can have them done at a salon or do them yourself. Either way is so much fun. Here is a design I did myself for one of my Halloweens. It was pretty simple. I used orange nail polish and swirly nail decals. They weren’t spooky but just a nice fun design for the Halloween season. 


Using decals are fun and easy to use. I loved being introduced to them and a had a blast looking in the stores for different ones to coordinate with my nail colors and holiday seasons. I actually prefer nail decals over fake nails plus the decals are better for your nails and easy to remove. They do not hurt your nails. They’re even gluten free. Fake nails can be rough on your nails. I tried them once and didn’t like them. So decals was the winner once I tried them. You can do them any way you like! Simple and easy; that’s ME! I highly suggest them!


Here’s how I made my Halloween Nail Swirls


Nail Supplies Needed




  • Orange Nail Polish is by Crickets
  • Black Swirl Decals by Kiss Nail Artist
  • Clear Top Coat Nail Polish by L.A. Colors
  • Tweezers
  • Halloween Nail Decals
  • Quiet time! (Maybe a glass of wine too – For grown-ups)




    1. Apply a clear base coat first. I let it dry completely.
    2. Then I apply a coat of orange nail polish. (This is your first coat). Let that coat dry completely.
    3. Then apply a second orange coat. Again let it dry completely.(You want to make sure the nails are completely dry in between coat and before adding the decals).
    4. Then use small tweezers to careful take the black nail swirls decals off the sheet and apply them to the nails.
    5. Once the all the decals are applied, then brush on a clear top coat to help seal the decals and orange nail polish color.  Let it dry completely.
    6. Now your nails are done for Halloween!

The many different Halloween nail decals and stickers are fun for all ages. They go with a lot of different Halloween colors. Make them fun, scary or both!


Have fun designing your own Halloween nails.



  1. Our daughter does all kinds of nail art and nail couture in a semi-professional capacity and I’m sure I’ve seen her with something very like this. I think this type of decoration is most attractive.

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