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Arizona Tea Nails


Spring is the time of the year where trees, flowers and grass starts budding and coming back to life after Winter. Its the time of the year when we gals change our nail colors to match the season. The cherry blossom flower’s on a Arizona green tea can remind me of Spring and best of all I found a nail art design to match those flowers. The painted cherry blossom flowers on the green color look fabulous on your nails.


I found a tutorial with a picture to show you how to paint those cherry blossoms like that I am going to share with you. I’d probably have someone do it for me since doing it on my own might be a little hard but that is me. I’m steadier with my right hand then my left. It doesn’t look that hard to do on your own just a bit tedious but so pretty when done!


Green Tea Nails – Picture Instructions


In this photo you will see exactly how to apply the nail polishes to create this fabulous green tea nail design.


Green Tea Nail Tutorial


Steps to Making The Green Tea Nail Design


    1. Start with a base clear polish to protect your nails.
    2. Let dry completely.
    3. Put 2 coats of light green nail polish on.
    4. Let completely dry.
    5. Use black nail polish to draw branches on your nails.
    6. Let completely dry.
    7. Use a dotting brush to dot medium pink polish dots on the nails first near the branches.
    8. Let completely dry.
    9. Then dot light pink polish dots on or near the medium pink to accent the flowers.
    10. Let completely dry.
    11. Put a clear top coat polish on to seal the cherry blossom flower design.
    12. Let completely dry.
    13. (As you see it is best to let each nail color dry so you don’t mess up the design)



Watch this video to help you learn how to paint the Green Tea Nails



Nail Polish Colors and Tools for Green Tea Nails


The colors you will need are clear, light green, medium pink, light pink and black nail polish colors to create thes flowers to match the ones on the green tea cans. You’ll need a dotting tool and a thin little brush tool to create just the right flowers and branches on the nails.



Arizona Green Tea Nail Art – With a pink accent nail!


This is a neat video that includes a pink cherry blossom accent nail with the green tea nail design.



Arizona Green Tea


While you are painting your nails to look like the can enjoy some Arizona Green Tea. It has honey and ginseng in it which is good for you. As you can see it comes in cans, bottles and a jug and each have the cherry blossom flower on on them.


Arizona Green Tea, 23-Ounces (Pack Of 24)Arizona Green Tea, 23-Ounces (Pack Of 24)Arizona Green Tea, 128-Ounces (Pack Of 4)Arizona Green Tea, 128-Ounces (Pack Of 4)AriZona - Original Green Tea with Honey - 500ml (Pack of 6)AriZona – Original Green Tea with Honey – 500ml (Pack of 6)

Green Tea Nails1 


  1. I love the green tea nails, would be so pretty for a wedding or other special event. beautiful..going to share with my niece…I know she will love this too.

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