Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume

Scary Looking


Freddy Krueger is a scary looking dude for sure! He has a burnt up wrinkly face with pop out eyes and a glove of razors. His laugh is raspy scary. Freddy is from the movie ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. He’s quite a thrilling human creature of the night that scares children. The way he looks would be thrilling for Halloween. Costumes can be cute or scary but this one is definitely scary!


When my son was younger in the 6th grade he wanted to dress up like Freddy for Halloween. The costume consists of a a mask, stripped red and brown shirt, black pants, hat and a razor glove. A pretty simple costume overall to put together. As we looked around we were able to get it as an all in one costume. As he became a teenager we ordered an adult shirt so he could dress up again as Freddy.


What do you think? Would you like to dress up like scary Freddy? You can either just order each part of the costume or make your own. I think making your own would be much more unique but either way is thrilling since you’re going to look like Freddy!


My Son!



Freddy’s Costume

Freddy Mask

This mask is much like the one my son wore when he was in the 6th grade for his costume. He hung on to this mask into his teenage years. The mask is rubbery so it was a bit warm and sweaty underneath it but very fun to wear.

Freddy Hat

A Freddy hat can be worn either with a costume or just for fun. Fedora hats are quite popular and in style. The brown will go with anything and you’ll look very debonair wearing it!

Freddy Razor Glove

This is a rather scary glove if you ask me but it’s what goes with the Freddy costume. Watch out! Even though the fake blades look real they are not sharp just scary looking. Kids love that sort of stuff!

Freddy Sweater

Freddy sweater is a signature look for this costume. This would be easy to make as DIY shirt as well. Just get a stripped shirt with these colors and cut the tips on the sleeves, bottom of shirt and around the neck. This would be stylish for just a knock around shirt with the cut edges.

Trick or Treat!


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