Family Soup Recipes

Soups are always good in the fall and winter time because of the cold days. It helps to warm you up. Here are four my family soup recipes that are so good for your tummy. I’d like to share them with you.  


My Moms Soup Recipe’s


On cold days my Mom made would made soups to warm the soul. These two are my favorites. I’ve loved having these soup recipes added to my own recipe box to make just like Mom use too! Family recipes are the best!


Mom’s Creamy Potato Soup


Homemade Vegetarian Chili


Forks over Knives Soup Recipe


This soup recipe is one that I learned to make from a cookbook called Forks over Knives.  This cook book has plant based recipes in it for healthy cooking.  My sister makes this soup and it’s especially nice to make a soup that she makes.  This recipe a great addition to my family recipes. To learn more about this way cooking, go to Forks over Knives Cookbook Review.


Cream of Broccoli Deluxe Soup


My Boyfriend’s Family Soup Recipe


Another soup recipe I learned to help make is called Wurst Soup. What a name of a soup, huh? Well you’d think the spelling wurst should be spelled worst but don’t worry it is right. Wurst in German word that means sausage. It is from the High German language. So this German soup recipe. This soup is special since it is one of my boyfriend’s family recipes. It is very tasty. This is another wonderful addition to my family recipes especially the soups.


Wurst Soup Recipe



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  1. My father loves soups, and my mother has to prepare soup every day. I am not a fan of soups, but my kids love it, so I am also preparing it often. Thanks for these wonderful recipes. Shared on g+ and twitter.

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