Family Heirloom Ornaments

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? There are so many ways to you can do that. I love decorating my tree with family heirloom ones, ornaments that my boys made in school or just your plain ole colored balls. I’ve taken up putting a special ornament on my tree for each of my parents. Of course I even got fun and put some Green Bay Packers on my tree. Are you curious yet? Well look further down and you’ll read and see photo’s.


My Boys Ornaments


Each year when my boys were little they always made ornaments at school during the Christmas season. I loved My Christmas Treeseeing there creations. They’d bring them home and we would add them to our tree. It was so special to have their ornaments hung up on the tree. Now that they are grown up I miss those days but as each holiday season comes around the boys and I still hang them on the tree. It’s fun to go back in time and remember when they made them, what year and which class. As part of adding they crafty ornaments, I also add there baby pictures. It makes my boys feel special they are on the tree like that. I even add` a few from my younger days that I still have. I really enjoy hanging all the memories on the tree each year.


More Ornaments


From time to time I’ll add other ornaments as well. Along with my kids memories I got a saxophone ornament in memory of my Dad because of his love for music and playing it. I also decided to add a few Green Bay Packer ornaments I got at a craft show cause of course I’m a Green Bay fan. Adding these other ornaments gives my tree even more memories.


After its all decorated with the lights, garlands and my special ornaments, I love to sit back with a cup of cocoa and enjoy the beauty of it.



Here is a closer look of my ornaments on my tree.


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NFL Green Bay Packers Mini Replica Football OrnamentMusic Treasures Co. Gold Saxophone Christmas OrnamentNFL Green Bay Packers 3 Inch Helmet Ornament


I have to say I have this same saxophone ornament and it looks spectacular on my tree. I truly love it. The Green Bay Packer ornaments are pretty neat and they are next on my list next to get. Here’s a few specs about these ornaments. It’s always nice to know a little something about them when thinking about getting them like how big they are.


  • Saxophone Ornament – For Dad

                  Brass / 5″High / Intricate design

  • Green Bay Ornaments

                  Helmet – 3″High / Football – 4″Highs – 2.5″Long





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