Easter Basket Surprise

Easter Baby Boy


It was March 31, 1991….Easter Day.


It was the night before Easter. I was sitting at the table coloring eggs with my Mom and then the pains came. I was going into labor. As I continued to color eggs the pains got stronger. It was time to head to the hospital. My best friend Lisa met me there because she was my coach to help me through my delivery. I was so glad she was there. She tells me that as I squeezed her hands I almost took her rings off. As the night wore on so did the labor pains until finally I delivered a precious baby boy early Easter Day morning. The delivery was rather stressful so it was so good when my baby boy Drew came. When the nurse brought him to me he looked precious and with a head full of brown hair. I couldn’t believe my eyes. With tears I was so glad he finally entered in to the world of my arms.


As my family and friends came by to see me and my son Drew; my Easter basket contained not only baby boy gifts but candy. Thanks goodness they brought me some candy since it was a horrible dinner in the hospital.


My son is now 25 years old. Seems unbelievable. I’m not sure where time has gone. He has grown into a fine young man.

 Baby Boy Drew

Easter Basket Goodies


Here’s a list of items of what you might find in your basket when you have a baby on Easter Day. Don’t forget the candy!



Baby Boy Gifts

  • Sleepers
  • Onsies
  • Booties
  • Lotions
  • Stuffed Animals


New Mom Gifts

  • Flowers
  • Cards
  • Candy




Newborn Easter Baskets


These baskets have a variety of newborn accessories that are perfect for your baby boy. They remind me of the baskets I received when my son was born.



Hershey’s Easter Candy – For The New Mom!

New Mom’s need a little chocolate candy to go with their flowers and baby boy baskets! These Hershey’s chocolates are perfect! I sure was glad to get some candy to compensate for the icky Easter dinner in the hospital!

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