DIY Upcycled Tea Cup Bird Feeders

Flower Gold Tea Cup Birdfeeder

A creative way to make a bird feeder is with tea cups. It’s a neat upcycled project that your birds will love plus it’s a perfect way to invite your birdies over for a tea party. Fill up the tea cups with various bird seed and watch them fly in for tea. It will be a grand gathering for sure. You might just want to get your camera ready to remember the memories.Orange Tea Cup Bird Feeder


There are different ways to make these tea cup bird feeders. You can make them with just the tea cup, add the saucer to it, drill a hole in the cup and saucer for nailing to a bedpost or pole and use simple little chains to hang them up with. Either way they are pretty simple to make. If you don’t have any tea cups or don’t want to use your own; you can find them at a Goodwill store or at garage sales.



My Tea Cup Bird Feeders!
I was so excited to learn about these tea cup bird feeders that I went to garage sales to find some tea cups and saucers. At one of the garage sales I found a cute tea cup with flowers on it with a gold sparkly saucer to go with it. Then I found another one that is a matching orange tea cup and saucer. After going to garage sales I went to Walmart to look for E600 Glue to use to glue the cups and saucers together to make bird feeders. This type of glue works best and weathers good outside. I already had hooks waiting to hang them up on. So all I needed to do was to get them made so the birdies can stop over and check them up. Sure hope they love them enough to invite there bird friends and family over too to join them at the tea cup. What gabbing sessions it will be.


It was fun gluing these tea cup and saucers together. You need to decide how far into the saucers you want them to hang. You don’t them to low so the bird seed falls off. The flower teacup with the gold saucer is light and was easy to do with the teacup set back more to the edge. The matching orange was a little harder since it was heavy. It took me a few times to glue it in the right for it to hang.  This one had to be glued in the middle because it was heavier.


So what do you think of these fun bird feeders? I think they turned out pretty cute! These pictures you see in this article are of my tea cup bird feeders.



1-20160601_101516 Matching Orange Tea Cup Bird Feeder













How To Make Tea Cup Bird Feeders


So lets get started in finding out how to make these unique bird feeders. I’ve included what supplies you need, how-to instructions and an instructional video. Once your done making your feeder; it will be bird tea party!



  • Tea Cup and Saucer
  • Weatherproof Glue
  • Bird Seed
  • Hook To Hang It On



  • Make sure your tea cup and saucer a clean.
  • Take the tea cup and lay on its side with handle up in the air on the saucer.
  • Place it in the middle to back side of saucer to see exactly where you want the tea cup to go.
  • Then spread a weather adhesive glue in the desired spot of the tea cup and glue in place.
  • Suggested: E-600 Adhesive glue works best.
  • Let it sit for 24 hrs to dry.
  • Hang it on a planter hook; then add bird seed.
  • Watch the birdies find their way to the tea cup.








© 2016 Cheryl Fay Mikesell


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